Magnetic Back Support -20 Pain Relief Magnets- Lower Lumbar Brace Belt Strap FREE PDF information on: 6 SIMPLE WAYS TO STOP BACK PAIN FOREVER!

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Magnetic Back Support Brace Plus FREE PDF information on: 6 SIMPLE WAYS TO STOP BACK PAIN FOREVER!

About magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that magnets near to the skin will help to increase the blood flow to the affected area. An increased blood flow will mean that there are more healing properties going to that area. This can help to keep the area warm and reduce the pain, but also help to heal the injury and help it to recover more efficiently.


Magnet Therapy uses the power of magnets to regenerate the atoms in our cells directly. The magnetic power stimulates the electrons in our body and this relieves pain and speeds up the healing process. One thing is very important and that is the proper placement and use of this therapy. In order for it to be effective it must be applied near the skin and in the proximity of the acupressure area where the pain develops.


  • Relieve lower back pain instantly.
  • Easy to put on and adjust.
  • 20 health magnets evenly placed to increase blood flow
  • Elastic double-side pulls provide adjustable compression.
  • Neoprene back panel also provides warmth and compression.
  • Vented, breathable side panels for extra comfort.
  • 2 plastic stays for extra support.
  • Fully adjustable. 




Is backache affecting your daily routine, stopping you from doing simple tasks like tying your shoes? 

Are you lying awake at night still in agony? 

Wearing this magnetic back support could make your pain disappear.

The NeoPhysio magnetic back support is a MHRA registered Class 1 Medical Device. 

The belt contains 20 neodymium health magnets, which are evenly positioned throughout the neoprene back panel. When the belt is worn the magnets will be placed around a large area of your lower back. 

Two criss-cross elastic straps are attached on the outside centre of the neoprene back panel. They are used to adjust the tightness of the belt, making a very effective double pull tightening system. The elastic straps also remove the air gap between your back and the neoprene material; bringing the magnets closer to your skin where they will be more effective.

The neoprene back panel also retains body heat providing heat therapy to the area of pain.

On either side of the neoprene back panel are two elasticated side vents, these vents will stop you from overheating by letting some of the hot air escape, helping your skin to breath. 

Also within the neoprene back panel are 2 plastic support strips, these combined with the neoprene material and elastic double pull straps provide extra stability. The belt can be worn to promote good posture while working, lifting or while relaxing.

Size Guide 

Please Do Not go on your Trouser Size

Please measure around where the belt will be placed.

    M = will fit measurements of - 26 to 34 inches

    L = will fit measurements of - 32 to 40 inches

    XL - XXL = will fit measurements of - 38 to 50 inches

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This information pack contains information on everything you need to know about back pain and how to get rid of it forever!


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