Nur76 Skin Lightening Soap - 150g (4x quantity Buy 1 get 1 free special limited offer)

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Nur76 Skin Lightening Soap - 150g

The lightening soap gradually helps to lighten the overall skin texture and also cleans deep into pore which helps to prevent pimples/spots.

Contains lightening extracts from plants, the high pressured oil penetrates into the skin, leaving behind lightening molecules to control & reduce melanin leaving your skin lighter and brighter. This formulation also evens out the skin.

Soap contains high pressured lightening oil which is absorbed deep into the skin, leaving skin feeling soft & moisturised.

Cleanses deep into skin pores preventing spots and pimples.

Nur76 Soap is made from the latest cutting-edge technology in cosmetics which are innovated and formulated in Japan.

Accelerates the lightening process of skin when other Nur76 Skin Lightening cream is applied after application of the soap!

How to use:
For face: Use twice a day. Ideally once in the morning and once before you go to sleep for maximum effectiveness. Apply water on the soap. Wash your face with water, apply the soap on your hands and then apply the creamy texture of the soap on face avoiding direct contact with eyes.

You can apply moisturising cream of your choice however we highly recommend Nur76 Skin Lightening for maximum effectiveness, this will help to accelerate the lightening process.

For Body: Use the Nur76 soap when having a shower or bath. We highly recommend Nur76 skin lightening body lotion for maximum effectiveness.

The Nur76 Skin Lightening Soap contains the finest high quality oils and natural ingredients such as beeswax, bergamot, essential oil, jojoba, sweet almond butter, shea butter, vitamin E, vitamin B3, sodium hyaluronate, bergamot essence oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin C, glycerin.

If product gets into eyes, flush with water until it is out. If redness, irritation, or other reaction develops, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician. Store the product in a cool dry place. Do not use on young children. Keep out of reach of children.