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The 4 Proven Uses for Red Light Skin Therapy

1. Wrinkle reduction and prevention, skin tightening (face lift effect)

2. Reducing acne scars (And preventing them in the first place)

3. Reducing Cellulite (this is how your anti-cellulite gel will finally work!)

4. Healing Psoriasis

This treatment would normally cost £350 per treatment in clinics!

What Does Red Light Therapy Do to Your Skin?

therapy is a gentle and effective way of healing and rejuvenating your skin, also known as photomodu­lation.

Studies have shown that concentrated red light (no UV light is involved here) is absorbed by cell mitochondria and stimulates production of collagen – the building block of your skin structure.

The heat and light boost blood circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to your skin.

It also promotes cytokines release (chemical messengers). As more cytokines are released, collagen producing cells (called fibroblasts) leap into action.

If your skin needs healing (from acne, acne scars, eczema, sun damage, redness etc.) – then the skin will heal, naturally and faster.
If it is already healthy, you will get a plumping effect, along with skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and a toned, radiant skin.
Red Light Therapy VS Laser Therapy

Red light skin therapy is Low Level Laser Therapy (cold laser). It’s a milder, risk-free treatment that won’t burn, cut or hurt your skin as with Laser treatments.

Therefore, LLLT will not cause skin inflammation or Erythema after treatments.

But: Just because red light therapy is noninvasive and gentle, does not mean that it can’t produce the same results as a high power laser.

And the best news?

It’s safe enough to do it at home, by yourself, whenever you want to, and it can you save dozens of dermatologist trips and a ton of money.

Red Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation( Wrinkle Reduction, Skin Tightening)

“At 12-week follow-up, 91% of subjects reported improved skin tone, and 82% reported enhanced smoothness of skin in the treatment area.”

In A 2006 clinical study published in J.Drugs Dermatol Magazine, 36 subjects received 9 LED treatments (with both red and infrared wavelengths) over the course of 5 weeks and were evaluated after 12 weeks.

5 of them were also biopsied to see the ultra-structural changes in their collagen fibers.

The results:

“A statistically significant improvement in wrinkles was seen after profilometric analysis. The majority of subjects reported improvements in softness, smoothness, and firmness at all time points. Electron microscopic analysis showed evidence of post-LED treatment of thicker collagen fibers.”
Many more studies prove and explain the rising popularity of red light therapy for anti-aging.

What is in this package:

2,Package includes:

1 pc device

1 pc of Cable

1 pc of gift box

1 pc adaptor with plug

2 pairs of eletrode pads

1 pc of instruction manual

Product specification:

Name: Red Light Therapy Pen & Eye Massager
Type rechargeable
Color- red
Ultrasonic Frquency 3MHZ ±5%
Area of Ultrasound Head 25(L)*20(W)MM
Depth of Penetration <2cm
3D roller massage Washable
Massage ball Heat emitting
Timer Setting 10 Minutes Automatic Shut Off
Dimensions(cm) 185(H)*30(W)*30(L)MM
Material of massage probe Stainless steel
Material of device body ABS
Power 100-240V,50/60HZ
Product Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC,PATENT

1.Technology feature: 3mhz ultrasonic,galvanic, rollingball facial massage roller
2.All the materials used will be RoHS certificated.
3, Materials we choose for the parts in direct contact with skin will also pass PHTH and PAHs certifications.

It is suitable for eye care lifting eye wrinkle remover, wrinkles at canthus ,black eye circle, corner of mouth and forehead.

Massage technology:
I 3D roller massage.
1.Evenly extend essence onto eye skin with 3D bead pencil type massage roller ball, and massage specific points.
2.Replenish eye essences into deep skin with ion conductive function, and moisturize and nourish skin

II 3MHZ ultrasonic massage.
Activate cells, promote blood and lymph fluid circulation with 3M ultrasonic function, promote skin to absorb nutrition and remove surplus water.

Treatment step:
Changing hand into eye wrinkle remover pen in your daily care.
1,3D roller hot massage.
2,3MHZ ultrasonic massage.

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