NEW Nur76 Instant black hair shampoo: fast, easy and natural shinny black hair! Limited stock available!!

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NEW Nur76 Instant black hair shampoo: fast, easy and natural shinny black hair!

5 Minutes Black Hair Darkening Shampoo! NATURAL NON-TOXIC!

Instant Magic !!!   Black Hair Darkening Shampoo

1 minute: you can see the effect.

3 minute: you can see the hair become black.      

5 minute: you can see the shiny black hair shampoo.

nur76 black hair shampoo

nur76 black hair shampoo

It is a new innovation which can black your hair just 5 Minutes by washing it !

Black Hair Shampoo can change your grey hair to black in 5 minutes, like using the normal shampoo! It is specially designed to make your hair black and shining just like the process of washing hair.

Designed for grey or white hair and is natural, non-toxic.

Black Darkening Hair Shampoo is for grey or white hair is natural, non-toxic. Compared to the traditional hair colour cream, it is has the advantage of low cost, timesaving and convenience. It can be used for men and women.

nur76 black hair shampoo


Fast: Just 5 mins

Low Cost: Very cheaper than dye colour in salon

Convenient: You can do it by yourself at home, just like washing your hair with normal shampoo

Long Lasting: Can keep about 5 weeks

Safety Material: Herbal ingredient (CERTIFIED: ISO, SGS, GMPC, HALAL, MSDS, FDA, FSC ANALYSIS)

Age group: Adult

Function: 5 minutes dye hair into black – herbal and natural, gives shiny black hair.

Form: Shampoo cream 25ML Sachets

Quantity: 25ML X 10 PCS /PER BOX INCLUDES 10 pairs of gloves 

No-fuss instant fast and perfect white hair coverage, just in 5 minutes and lasts up to 6 weeks

Helps strengthen and nourish the hair and hair roots

Reduce the sensitivity of the scalp and dye healthily.

Mild formula no hair damage, make the hair soft, fragrant and shiny.

 nur76 black hair shampoo

How to use: Five Steps

  • Wet Hair wet to dry water
  • WearWear gloves
  • Apply Squeeze into the hands of the products
  • MassageProduction stays evenly 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse Rinse with warm water naturally brunette achievement


nur76 black hair shampoo